Q. What is your occupation?
A: Shop assistant.

Q: How old are you?

A: 19
Q: Describe your style.
A: Lots of colours, playful and fun. 

Q. Who are some of your favorite designers? Why?

A: There are quite a whole lot but I’ll just mention a few… I’ll try to anyway.
Rodarte – Rodarte!!!! *sigh sigh* I think they are like the a Fairy God genius of Fashion, they make the most unusual fabrics look so beautiful. 
Todd Lynn – I like a mix of masculine and feminine silhouette’s like jogpurs, blazers and shirts but with feminine details like ruffles and I think Todd Lynn does this extremely well.

Sinha Stanic – I love their recent 1950’s teddy girls inspired collection.

Luella – No one else can make Granny chic look so fantastic.

Sandra Backlund – because she takes Knitwear to a completely different level.


Jonathan Saunders – the colour pallette for his recent collection is absolutely stunning.

Others include Christopher Kane, Steve J and Yoni P, Lanvin, Modernist, Preen, Balenciaga, Nina Ricci, Viktor and Rolf.



Q: What is one item in your closet that you couldn’t live without?
A: Thats a hard one, errr…. probably my tights.

Q: What is the most embarrassing item in your closet?

A: Nothing really, I’m pretty pleased with most of the pieces in my closet.

Q: How do you organize your closet? (ie. by color, type, season, designer?)

A: Its been quite messy until I recently arranged it from Shirts, Blouses, Skirts, Trousers, Jackets and then Coats.

Q: How would you describe your dream wardrobe?

A: A huge room filled with items from my favourite deigners, the Manish Arora carousel dress Katy pery wore to the MTV awards, Tailored Shirts and Tuxedos in the style of Erin O’conor and Grace Jones, Vintage Flapper Dresses, Feather Jackets, Nicholas Kirkwood Shoes, Jazz shoes in Candy colours, Iekeliene Stange print leggings, Vintage style headgears, customized converse trainners from sequins to florals, Eley Kishimoto tights and socks. Also I feel a magical or robotic machine that can iron my clothes would be fantastic as I do not enjoy ironing at all.