As our economy continues to languish, many of us are comtemplating our closets and thinking "What should I wear?".  This question comes not from a style standpiont, as is usually the case, but rather from a combination of fashion and available funds. 

What we wear, after all, generally reflects our personal wealth (either in a “real” or virtual sense, i.e. thanks to MasterCard and Visa).  Oh, I know that rich people “dress down” or “go boho” but it’s not really fooling anyone if you mix Target and Givenchy.  It isn’t a case of lowest common denominator.  Quite the reverse… they’re buying Tar-jay (or Old Navy, H&M, or Zara) because it works with the overall look, not for financial reasons. 

Obviously, ostentatious displays of wealth won’t be most people’s solution.  Instead, we are faced with the option of purposefully dressing down (either in an attempt to inspire a feeling of camaraderie or because the recession instills a feeling of social guilt when we carry the erstwhile It-Bag that we spent a month’s rent on) or wearing our best (to follow the cliché and be the “brave little woman (or man) dressing well in the face of adversity”).   

Falling prey to financial woes or rising above them?  It’s time to do the math and figure out the right solution.