There are times when, to put it kindly, our sense of reality deserts us and we lust after pieces that fit neither our lifestyles, our natural inclinations, nor ourselves.  The worst part is that we generally recognize that we are in the grip of this madness as it’s taking place. 

Case in point, I currently find myself obsessing over the idea of purchasing a white dress to wear this summer.  A dress so blinding pure and virginally white that even thinking about a blade of grass would cause a green stain to appear.  This lust is, quite frankly, inexplicable.  Apart from the “stain issue” which I, a self confessed klutz, managed to blithely ignore with the reasoning that I don’t need to eat (or lean on anything, or sit down) whilst wearing the dress there are other issues. 

Firstly, when confronted with a white dress I have a tendency to think about 1970’s shampoo commercials that, from what I can tell, were infested with blonde women in white dresses…wildly running around alpine meadows…washing their hair in streams.  Secondly, as someone who is incredibly pale, there is the concern that my limbs and the dress would merge together, perfect as a form of camouflage but not necessarily the look that I’m going for. 

Yet, despite all this, the longing remains.  Hopefully the harsh reality of a badly lit changing room mirror will end the insanity.  Well, at least in this instance.