Sometimes it seems like, if you’re truly interested in fashion, you should abandon all sense of the practical; because otherwise your common sense will constantly attempt to assert itself and will (sooner or later) drive you insane. Especially if you find yourself faced with something like Proenza Schouler’s $1,250 suede t-shirt.
That’s the moment when you officially question both your sanity and the world in generals; because as a sensible person you know that summer is a time of sun tan lotion, salt water, and (I’m sorry, but I have to say it) sweat.  Unless you’re planning on spending the warmer months in an air-conditioned environment without food or beverages, the chance of the shirt remaining in pristine condition for longer than, say, five minutes, is exceedingly slim. 

Proenza Scholer's suede shirt
Of course, acknowledging the hazards and being willing to admit defeat are two different things.  I’m sure that braver souls than I will attempt to wear this shirt, or one of the myriad of suede pieces in Marios Schwab’s collection, or even a suede dress from Topshop. 
I, however, accept my limitations and realize the havoc that would happen if some summer suede, my inner klutz, and a mismanaged ice cream cone ever found themselves in close proximity to each other.