The Modern Gentleman’s Guide to Grooming: Skin and Teeth

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Use whatever soap makes you feel comfortable.  Wash your face last and rinse it immediately to avoid getting dried soap on your face. 


When you get out of the shower, take some light toner on a cotton pad and swipe over your T-zone first, then your cheeks.  There are harsher toners available for all skin types, but most men don't have the daily barrage of make up and makeup remover that these are designed for.  Try a simple toner from Burts Bees (Tomato Toner is wonderful and so gentle for wiping clean your pores and removing any soap residue).

Then, add a small dab of moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15.  Most premature signs of aging are caused by sun-damage.  Of course, The Modern Gentlemen only gets handsomer as he ages and yesterday’s happy memories become tomorrow’s laugh lines – but after a long day spent outdoors, it is better to to be sunkissed and radiant, not callused and red or blotchy.  No matter what your skin tone, your face will appreciate this extra step for a long time to come.


This will be the only time the modern gentleman will recommend gadgetry.  The Sonicare Toothbrush System is a marvel.  I was given one by my dentist years ago, and I have trouble traveling without it.  While it cannot replace flossing, it cleans exactly like a regular toothbrush but stimulates the gums to provide healthy blood flow.  As my dentist said when he gave it to me, "You take care 'a de gums.  You take care 'a the teeth."


Luckily you only have to floss the teeth you want to keep…