I’m in shock – as is most everyone in the fashion community I presume – as to what is going on over at Emanuel Ungaro. There was a very interesting article in the Thursday edition of the New York Times in the Style Section, in which Ungaro CEO Mounir Moufarriage told Eric Wilson that he doesn’t see giving Lindsay Lohan some creative control of the iconic brand as any different than his controversial decision to appoint Stella McCartney as the creative head of Chloe post Karl Lagerfeld.


Is he serious!? How can one compare a trained fashion designer like Stella McCartney to Lindsay Lohan, who not only brings a questionable reputation with her to the house, but has never been known for her style (except for leggings that is – and that is not a good thing).


Obviously, this whole thing is a drawn out publicity stunt – which Moufarriage admits – and Esteban Cortazar was smart to distance himself from it. The collection this season was designed by Estrella Archs (Lindsay Lohan who was given the title of artistic adviser), who was hired very last minute after Cortazar’s departure. I saw Archs’ last Spring show for her eponymous line, and was impressed with her design aesthetic.  Her work for Ungaro, though, was a mess.


The words bright and tacky come to mind with the abundance of bold oranges and bright pinks, odd cut-outs, heart prints, and ill-fitting blazers and harem pants. It’s a shame what Moufarriage is doing with Ungaro, and I can only hope that the house can recover from this unfortunate business decision.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.