DIY: How to Make the Perfect Pair of Cutoffs

How to turn jeans into DIY Denim Cutoffs

Once upon a time, I used to head to American Eagle to find my coveted favorite pair of cutoff denim shorts for any given summer. Considering the look of shorts (slouchy or skimpy) tended change from one season to another, I certainly didn’t need a pair that would last longer than a few months. But recently I got to thinking about the DIY pair of cutoffs and their advantages over store bought versions. There are a ton of ways to customize them, so you’re wearing something that’s a reflection of your individual style, meaning they’re the only ones on the planet. It’s a green move that lessens my carbon footprint. And given that these shorts were made by me, I’d likely grow attached. They could be like the T-shirt I can never get rid of, but keep wearing and swear gets better with every wash. I like having feelings for my clothes, sue me. In consideration of these musings, I became a girl with a mission: make the perfect pair of cutoffs at home. Below you’ll see exactly how I did it and walk away with the skills to make this your next Sunday afternoon project. Caution: I recommend looking at the entire slideshow before you begin. May the DIY force be with you.