8 Summer Fashion Risks Every Woman Should Take


Summer is the season of risk-taking (at least in our eyes!). Challenge yourself to rock something out of the ordinary by putting these fab fashion trends to the test. We guarantee you won’t regret it.

1. Mix and match prints.

You don’t have to be a fashion stylist to get the eclectic-cool look at home. When mixing and matching prints, just be sure that the patterns you pair have at least one color in common and that the scale of each print is a different size. For example, if you’re sporting pants with a teeny-tiny print, it’s best to rock a top with a large-scale print. Catch our drift?

2. Show off some skin in a different way.

How low can you go? This summer, instead of busting out the skimpy mini dresses, try a maxi dress with a super deep V-neck or a completely bare back. Both are equally as sexy as a short hemline, but in an unexpected and surprisingly chic way.  

3. Rock a cut-out one-piece.

You’ve seen models and celebrities work the trend year after year now, but have you dared to don a sexy one-piece yet? Chances are, probably not! Step outside your comfort zone this season, and find the perfect cut-out swimsuit to flatter your figure. Then once you do, rock it to a pool party and watch all the heads turn and the compliments roll in. 

4. Layer on the jewelry.

A lot of women steer clear of layering for fear that they’ll look ridiculous or silly. Trust us, you won’t! Channel your inner Olsen twin, and don’t be afraid to stack on the bracelets, sport a ring on every finger or rock a ton of assorted necklaces all at once. Do us a favor though and pick one place on your body to go crazy on (for instance, your wrist) and keep the rest of your jewelry fairly subtle. Be creative, confident and own your look. Do these things, and everyone (yourself included) will love it.

5. Dare to wear overalls.

Seriously. Boho babe Vanessa Hudgens recently posted a pic on her Instagram page in a pair of overalls and Louboutins. Of course, she looked insanely hot. For a little style inspiration, google “celebrities in overalls” and check out all the crazy cool ways you can wear them yourself. Our favorite is as a bathing suit cover-up or over a bold bralette top.

6. Sport sheer socks with high heels.

Forget annoying pantyhose and thick socks with shoes for summer. To amp up your work wardrobe and wow all your stylish co-workers, slip on a pair of chic sheer socks with high heels. Play it safe by sporting a neutral color, or go bold if you’re feeling extra adventurous. This trend works best with simple platform pumps in a solid color.

Summer-floppy-hat7. Add a hat to your getup.

Some girls live in floppy hats and fedoras during the summer, while other girls claim they simply look silly with anything on their head at all (which is sooo not true, BTW!). Add a hat to any outfit to take it from blah to totally street style worthy. They’re great for bad hair days too, FYI. 

8. Invest in a shorts suit.

The super cute shorts suit definitely had its moment on the runway, and now that the weather is finally ideal, we say it’s high time you invest in one. Obviously, this look is perfect for the office or for a night out on the town if you’re headed somewhere formal.


images via imaxtree