80s Utilitarian Style Redux: Channel Kylie Minogue Circa ‘Neighbours’

Kylie Minogue has come along way since playing a permed mechanic on Neighbours and paving the way for school camp renditions of The Loco-motion. According to The New York Times, who recently conducted a lengthy interview with the star in anticipation of her new fashion book Kylie Fashion, she now spends her days sipping tea in the S. Regis hotel and attending Cannes outfitted exclusively in Roberto Cavalli.

Yep, Kylie’s quest for sartorial reinvention is well underway. But while we’re all for gawking at post-perm Kylie’s ballsy couture stage outfits, it’s her time spent in sweaters and dungarees for which we’ll always remember her. Take a walk down memory lane in the Charlene Mitchell-approved pieces below. Hairstyle is BYO — she wasn’t that ahead of her time.