5 Ways to Break Out of Your Style Rut For Good

images: IMAXtree

images: IMAXtree

In a perfect world, we'd all get up at 6 a.m. every day with plenty of time to plan our outfit and blow out our hair. We'd also have time to make a beautiful omelet paired with a wedge of melon topped with crème fraîche. But this is not a perfect world. And oftentimes being comfortable in a routine means we know exactly how many minutes we need to fly out the door and still be at our desk on time. Enter, the style rut. Whether it's caused by hitting the snooze button too many times — every morning — or just getting too comfortable with our favorite pieces, it can have a serious effect on our style confidence. Stop grabbing the look you know "works" and start hitting the street in looks that feel fresh and chic. Read on to find out how.

Assess The Situation

It's time to get real with yourself. Have you been sporting the same pair of slacks or sundress just a little too often lately? Maybe you're running up the dry cleaning bill with your standard office button up? Whatever the case may be, if you feel bored with your wardrobe, you've had a couple of friends good-naturedly rib you about knowing your favorite top better than they know you, or you've stopped getting excited about your outfits, look over what you wear most often and realize a change needs to come. If you can label your go-to aesthetic, so much the better. Are you classic, boho, edgy, or something in between? Figure it out, so you can be aware of alternative options.

Find Your Style Inspiration

This is where getting out of your style rut can be fun. And if something is fun, you're more likely to stick to it, right? Who are the women giving you style envy? What is it about their looks you love? Create a mood board or a list of stylish women from past, present and future you wish you could emulate. Make a list of some of your favorite pieces they rock and move on to the next step. You could make an afternoon out of it, or take five minutes (thanks Internet), the choice is yours.

Experiment With Additional Pieces

Style ruts can often be caused by a no-shopping period. No-shopping periods are sometimes unavoidable, especially if we walk around thinking we need to buy entirely new outfits, instead of gifting ourselves with something inexpensive that will pep up our everyday looks. Spend an afternoon window shopping, try on those inspirational pieces you have in your mind that you'd like to try. Think small, as in a belt, hat, faux glasses, one clothing item, a pair of flats or a statement necklace. When it comes to buying, find similar items at more affordable stores, or try the idea listed below.

Sometimes Old Can Be New Again

If you're on a budget, consider "vintage" (i.e. used clothing) shopping. A throwback piece from a bygone era, like a ladylike handbag Grandma gave away, can be just the thing to freshen up your style. Think small and unique. 

Mix It Up

If shopping is just out of the question, consider shopping your closet. Most of us have pieces that represent different style aesthetics, a little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll. Have a mix and match private party. Put together pieces you never have before. Don't worry if it looks ridiculous, it's just you. You'll be surprised at pairings that look chic. Put that spiked choker with that shift dress. Wear your favorite clubbing heels with your favorite ratty jeans. Put your worn grandpa cardigan over a sequined tunic or mini dress — you get the idea. Opposing pieces are often fashionistas' secret to keeping their style interesting and individual.