Look Fly When You Fly: Dos and Don’ts of Dressing for Travel


image: WENN

While we often spend a good deal of time and energy thinking, planning and stressing about what to pack when going on a trip, more often than not, we pay little attention to our actual travel attire. With all of the checkpoints people must go through to get from terminal to the plane and finally to their destination, it's not only smart to dress comfortably and in a way that won't disrupt other travelers, it's a straight up necessity. The following tips will not only prep you for comfortable traveling, they will also give you pointers on how to do it stylishly.

Do: Layer Up 

It's always freezing at the airport and on the plane, so do bring a cardigan or wrap. And unlike sweaters that you have to tug off and muss your entire look, cardigans are great layering pieces that remove easily. 

Don't: Wear a Belt 

While we don't condone pajama pants or anything that holds up with a string (looking at you, sweatpants), the one item that should never be worn to an airport is a belt. Not only will you have to unbuckle and put it through the scanner (major pain), you'll be holding up the rest of the security line as you do so. 

Do: Wear a Maxi 

Airport attire is pretty important. Not only do you have to sit through your travel time in your designated attire, you also have to rush through airport security, wait for your flight and then wait for your baggage to arrive at your destination. Which is why you want to wear something like a maxi dress or skirt that gives a little and won't constrict you, especially when you have to hustle. 

Don't: Wear Gladiators

It goes without saying that uncomfortable shoes are a big no-no when it comes to airport dressing. Add a few hundred buckles, like the ones on this year's gladiator sandal, and you've got an airport fiasco on your feet. Instead, keep it simple with comfortable flats that slip on and off—you never know when you have to run to catch a flight.

Do: Wear Socks

Wear Socks. Not only will they keep your feet warm while on the plane, they will also keep your toes germ-free when you have to remove your shoes at security. That being said, keep the flip-flops for the beach or the pool, as tempted as you are to wear them on such an occasion.  

Don't: Load Up on Jewelry  

Don't load up on baubles. While a bit of sparkle is always a sure way to spruce up any outfit, flying isn't the time to show off your jewelry collection. With all the unclasping and removing you'll have to do, it's better to stick to a few pieces, or none at best. If your outfit requires jewelry, then stash your precious gems in a ziplock bag so you can easily access once you land. 

Do: Bring a Pashmina 

Pay close attention to this next do as it is one of, if not, the most important accessory you'll need when traveling. A pashmina will not only keep you looking stylish, this practical accessory also doubles as a blanket when the going gets cold. Easy to store and pull out, it doesn't get anymore practical than this chic scarf that is available in every color imaginable. 

Don't: Wear Underwire Bras

What's worse than going through airport security? Having to go through those embarrassing pat-down inspections because your bra triggered the airport's metal detectors. Avoid that mess by opting for a metal-free bra that still offers plenty of support.