How to Shop Boots for Slim Calves (It’s Not as Easy as You Think)

three women wearing boots for slim calves

image: Imaxtree


Ladies with wider legs will often think the grass is greener on the narrow side, but skinny legs can present challenges when boot shopping as well. Here are some tips (and picks!) to make shopping for boots for slim calves a little easier.

  • If you are hoping for your boots to look more snug and less baggy, consider the lace-up or button style — anything adjustable.  
  • Stretchy boots make excellent options for ladies with small calves. They are made to stretch out once the leg is in, so they are more narrow by default.
  • Want to go retro cool and also fill out that extra room? Consider leg warmers! Etsy has tons of cute options, and if you fall in love with a pair of boots that is made for a wider calf, this can help add dimension to balance your skinny legs. Boot tights or socks sticking out of the tops of the boots (a pair of thick knee-high socks or thigh-high socks scrunched down) work as well.
  • Don’t go too high! Higher heels will just make your legs look longer and thinner. Instead, find a great mid-heel or kitten heel height to flatter legs and pull the eye down to your feet.
  • Consider getting your boots tailored so they fit more narrow. Sometimes a great shoemaker can be your best friend.
  • End the boot at a wider part of your leg to help them look less skinny. Mid-calf and the over-the-knee boots that are trendy this season work really well for this.
  • Maybe booties? Whether your booties incorporate quilt, hardware or a chunky heel, booties are an important staple this season to accompany your skinny jeans or cords. Make sure not to wear this look with a skirt though, going too short while showing off your slender legs may overpower skinnier legs and look disproportionate to the rest of your body. 


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