Western Bling, It’s a Thing

Western Canada Fashion Week has been getting its groove on this past week (holla if you’ve attended) and, since I’m an East Coaster, I’ve been following along through the magical lens of the Internet. Naturally Marta Gold at The Edmonton Journal has the most complete coverage down to the very last studded buckle, but one thing I picked up on was the prevalence of what she’s calling “Western Bling.”

With Canadian Country Music Week tailgating on the back of Western Canada Fashion Week, it seems that Edmonton has become just that little bit more sparkly, with country gals donning their finest chandeliers to shine brighter than them there city rat folk.

I’m talking diamond encrusted cowboy belts, embossed leather watches, fancy bolo ties and heck, if you’re preferred mode of transport comes with four legs, blinged out saddles and horseshoes galore. Yee-haw! Gold picks out three key designers of this “Western Bling,” namely Stylish Addiction, Lammles and Montana Silversmiths, all of which offer a modern twist on old fashioned rodeo wear. Of these brands I’ve picked out some of the most blinding country attire to get you noticed at Canadian Country Music Week or a cattle ranch of your choice. “It’s country and you look country”… why thank you very much.

Western Bling

1. Tri-color roses attitude bolo tie with crossed pistols, $262. Pin-up girl belt with seven conchos and crosses, $2903. Three hammered silver starlight hair barrette, $424. Montana silversmith’s women’s watch, $169.955. Montana silversmiths desert eagle cuff bracelet, $94.956. Vince Camuto men’s Topanga studded boot, $2357. Montana silversmiths horseshoe necklace, $79.95