Try a Tunic: the Fall Trend That Flatters Everyone

Is it a top? Is it a dress? When you’re not quite sure, it’s a tunic. Whether it’s ultra mini or down to your calf, the shirt-over-pants styling is a dead giveaway. Fall 2013’s runways were awash with tunics, but don’t confuse these with the dress-over-pants thing from the early aughts — ditsy flower prints over baggy jeans is not what we’re lauding. Rather, thoughtful layering that’s more tailored and chic; something that feels modern instead of sloppy. 

When you’re tunic shopping (and you should be) think of both comfortable and sexy ways to wear them. Opaque tights and OTK boots? A cropped tank on top, a pair of jeggings underneath? The options are endless. It almost goes without saying that picking a simple solid-colored tunic with a bit of lycra in it provides you with a blank canvas for all of your statement shoes, jackets, outerwear and baubles.

Take inspiration from the Olsens with their structured tunics via The Row. Suno used relaxed tailoring and metallic threads to keep the look fresh. Rag & Bone played with good-girl, bad-girl sex appeal. All covered up, but ultra short with sheer hosiery underneath. Mulberry’s version was beyond versatile: coat, jacket, dress? Doesn’t really matter, it could have been all three, depending on the styling. Perfect for fall.

Make this your next stock-up basic for Fall 2013, you won’t be sorry.