Bring on the Bellinis! We’ve Got Your Perfect Fall Brunch Wardrobe

Here’s the deal with brunch: It’s done almost exclusively on the weekend, it’s where you often spend too much money, needing to order coffee and juice and tea and an app and an entree and maybe some sweet thing at the end. But it’s the perfect opportunity for a first or 100th date, or to catch up with girlfriends or family. And it’s also a way to flex your casual-chic styling muscles.

When it comes to the perfect brunch outfit, you’ll want to have a game plan. Take it from the team at tFS, rounding up your brunch-worthy looks in advance helps you sleep in later on Sunday. You’ll want to keep it low key, but not without a touch of femininity and panache. You’ll want to be comfortable, but not so comfortable you look as if you’ve just rolled out of bed (even if you have). 

Faux leather leggings are a must, cozy sweaters or a feminine top is too. A slouchy or graphic tee keeps it chill when you’ve got on a mini skirt and tights paired with Chelsea boots. A sequin sweater or jacket tops off the most casual pieces quite nicely. Think of pairing plaid with statement jewelry, of working in a structured button up underneath a leather jacket. Fur details on scarves and collars are the perfect trend to incorporate for your brunch commute.

Check out our slideshow below and see what you can come up with from our inspirational brunch picks.