Tickets to the Game? What to Wear to Cheer for Your Team

It's that time of year, when football stadiums (whether they be at the local high school, college or the NFL) are all abuzz with delicious food smells, tipsy people who barely made it on time from their tailgate party and high expectations for a good time. But that's not all the seats above the playing field carry. Oh no, they also happen to be filled with the antithesis of chicness. Oversized hoodies, sweatpants, mismatching (and not in a cute way) accessories. Not to mention garish displays of team color pride. 

For the perfect game day look, start with comfy, stylish basics and then plan your accessories accordingly. You've got to wear layers that allow for movement: leggings, jeggings and sweaters. You have to make sure your footwear can be cozy and provide warmth, too. Over-the-knee flats can be just the thing. Thick wool socks underneath your vintage sneaks can work, too. This is a fine time for leather jackets that provide an extra skin. Women worry about being casual enough with their clothes in order to fit in with the pack but as long as you keep your shoes flat and chill on the jewelry, you'll be fine. Let simplicity reign and leave the too literal varsity jackets for a different occasion.