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Getaway Chic: What to Wear on Your Dream Winter Vacation

It's hard not to fantasize about getting away when the skies turn gray and the temps start to dip below 40. Part of the planning (and dreaming) fun is thinking of your vacay wardrobe. You've got a lot to consider, more than just your personal style. It's about fitting that style into the atmosphere and environment of your destination. Functionality is a huge issue, too. What you'll pack to sit by the pool is different than what you'll pack for sightseeing.

We've put together four perfect vacation looks based on our dream getaways (whether we will get away is another story), inspired by the spirit of the trip and potential location. First up is a jaunt to one of the world's most exciting cities, whether that be London or NYC. We kept it cool, chic, versatile and a bit trendy. Next, we've gathered pieces for sandy shores: light, bright colors, floral designs and a metallic touch are all on hand. (Psst…we found an amazing swimsuit that can double as a bodysuit under pants for tropical cocktails under the stars.)

For the culture lover and the academic, we fantasized about a museum trip to an ancient city, like Fez in Morocco or Budapest, Hungary. Being comfortable while walking through streets and museums does not mean giving up style, you'll see. Finally, we thought about a spa getaway, just for us. No kids, no gossip, no partner, just deep breathing and massages. We won't need a nighttime look to sip wheatgrass juice by the fire, but we will love wearing gear that provides for long walks and stretches.