DIY or BUY? 7 Super-Luxe Pieces You Could Probably Make Yourself

Sometimes, the price of the luxury pieces that we crave can be, well, a little discouraging. Enfuriating, really. How many times have you looked at a piece that fetches thousands at retail and muttered, "I bet I can make that!"? We do that a lot too, and until we finally learn how to properly sew (one of these days…) we're sticking to trying to mimic the little embellishments and simple-seeming accessories that designers use to stoke our fires of envy. We combed through the 'net to find a handful of pieces that truly seem DIYable. Yes, there is something to be said for fine craftsmanship (which completely deserves to be well-compensated) but we have bills to pay, people! Click through for 7 pieces we love—and their common-sense DIY counterparts.