What to Wear: 4 Uber Cool Downtown Party Looks

Allow me to explain the attributes of the perfect downtown party look: unapologetic, slightly irreverent, full of personality and always chic. The downtown party girl never half-asses it. If she's going for sexy femme, she's wearing her satin underthings on top and adding a tuxedo jacket just to be cheeky. If her feet are tired, it's time for a pair of high-waisted trousers, flats and an embellished crop top. 

Why wear boring black OTK boots when you found a gorgeous pair in purple? Why wear a plain LBD when it can be studded? If you're not a big city dweller and would like to adopt this sense of style, you're going to need to put together a look that's vaguely editorial and not be afraid to raise eyebrows, because the downtown girl expects to be looked at. She knows she's that good when it comes to styling her wardrobe, which is why she wears all of her looks with a ramrod straight back and a direct gaze at everyone whose head she turns. 

Here's some holiday inspiration to amp up your party looks in the spirit of the downtown fashion maven.