Meet the Parents: What to Wear When You’re Spending the Holidays With Him

Someone's invited you to their home for the holidays. Maybe it's a partner, maybe it's a best friend, either way you want to make a good impression. But does that mean sacrificing your personal sense of style? Definitely not. While you don't want to go all out with your most outrageous looks, you should be unafraid to let your true sartorial colors shine. That too pretty fit-and-flare dress is just not your style. 

The four looks below demonstrate it's possible to look like you, but still presentable enough to meet the parents, aunts, uncles and baby cousins. Love a cool leather pant? Live in them at home? Bring them with you on your trip. Instead of topping them with a translucent burnout T-shirt, try a tunic shift dress instead. Love festive dressing, hate how cheesy it can look? Try incorporating a metallic green or red into a simple LBD look. 

The possibilities are endless. Let these outfits be your guide. Be the best you you can be and that trip full of new people will be a breeze.