Wardrobe Detox: What to Keep, Toss and Buy for 2014

Though January can be a stale month for shoppers with winter racks picked over, a new year also signals the chance to start anew, to clear out the old and begin with a fresh perspective. If you’re tired of browsing the sales stock from the previous season for some style inspiration, get a jumpstart on your annual wardrobe detox to declutter your closet and make way for new purchases come spring. While a total wardrobe revamp isn’t always realistic (though we wish it were!), there are still plenty of pieces and undying trends to hang on to and carry in to 2014. Though we want to keep it all, it’s also time to part with those sartorial choices that went against our better judgment and found their way into our closets. It’s not that we don’t necessarily like these looks; they’re just looking a little tired with everyone from street style stars to the girl next door sporting them non-stop throughout the past year. And if you seem to be impatiently looking forward to spring, there are some buy-now-wear-now basics you can prep your wardrobe with so you’re well stocked and prepared when warmer weather hits.

Get ready to shed some wardrobe weight and find out just what to keep, toss and buy this year.