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Seven Leather Essentials Every Wardrobe Needs

We know, not everyone approves of using real leather. If you're on the fence, here's our case for it: Real leather looks better with age, whether you're talking about a pair of Doc Martens or a Chloe bag. Leather is a worthy investment and there's nothing like the emotional connection a well-worn garment can offer, bringing back memories of the best (and worst) of times. But for that to happen, you need a garment that lasts. And when it comes to long lasting, leather is at the top of the list. Need more reasons? Try the 21 gorgeous leather pieces we've brought together, each representing a category of the seven basic leather items your wardrobe needs. 

Still going vegan? It's okay, there are plenty of options available to you these days. But for the rest, feast your eyes on the show below.