Phoning It In: Street Style Busybodies at Fashion Week

While the peacock parade on the concrete catwalk at Fashion Week is always a stunning spectacle to witness, we couldn't help but notice a fresh breed of street style taking over, and it’s focused on the fixation of fashionistas and their phones. Feigning disinterest and preoccupation with their devices, the new, inattentive street style subject chose to ignore photographers and instead was caught in a candid, unposed moment for a brief second before hurrying off to the next Fall 2014 showing. Whether they were combing through handbags in search of their tech, engrossed on a call, texting or scanning through emails, these Fashion Week fixtures were interested in everything but getting their picture taken. Armed with phone and bag in hand, it was those who chose to blend into the crowd that really stood out from New York to Milan and back again.

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