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How to Dress for Extreme Heat


It might be nice now, but the Farmer's Almanac is predicting a very hot summer. Oppresively hot, even. From early to mid June, July and August, temperatures are to be "hotter than normal" and to top it all off, there's supposed to be lots of rain. Time to get your closet in order!

When dressing for extreme heat, it's all about ventilation. Cut-outs, open-weave fabrics (like mesh and eyelet) and of course, breathable materials are the name of the game. Also important: keeping the twins cool. Nothing's worse than sweaty boobs in the heat. When you wear a bra, make sure the girls are separated and given a little air. If you can help it, forget about too-high necklines unless they're breathable, you're just going to feel stifled and uncomfortable. For extra ventilation closer to where the sun don't shine, try throwing in a thigh-high split, or knot one side of your maxi skirt.

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