Optical Illusions: Test the Eyes with Fall’s Intricate Geometric Patterns

Say so long to summer florals and standard stripes as this season’s print packs a psychedelic punch. Trippy, optic, pop art motifs and graphic geometric patterns played host to a range of outerwear, dresses, sweaters and shirts on the fall runways. Sending front-row fixtures into a tizzy, designers showcased collections treated with trompe l’oeil effects, Rorschach-style images, radiating lines and mind-melting, eye-crossing illusions to create a hypnotic, reality-altering daze. Dries Van Noten mashed up hallucinatory, divergent lines with mod-inspired shapes, Jeremy Scott stayed true to his enfant terrible style with hypnotizing, strategically-placed swirls and Bottega Veneta sent us spiraling out of control with warped, pleated stripes. Playing tricks on the eyes, these prints pulse as loudly as the electronic beat they march to.

See our graphic picks of the season and the runway looks that inspired them below. Wallflowers need not apply.