Spring Is Here: 5 Black Rain Boots to Help You Weather the Storm

Dear Spring: We’ve been waiting for you for months (and months) and now that you’re finally here (right?), it signals our need to gear up and get ready for the wet, muddy wonderful that is flash rain and thunderstorms. Hey, don’t get us wrong, we’re not complaining. We’ve been wearing our winter boots for what feels like ages and now we just need to get ready for a whole other level of torrential precipitation (let’s be honest, we’re just happy it’s not snow). There’s no better way to be prepared for spring’s glorious rain than with a good pair of boots to keep you watertight, dry, and above all, put-together. Here, a handful of fashionable rain boots in easy-to-wear black from Canadian brands to help you duck out of surprise showers and leap over and away from puddles stylishly.