16 Slick Gym Bags to Boost Your Workout Style

Tired of lugging around that sad-looking duffel bag to all your SoulCycle spin classes? Does filling it with all your super cute athleisure wear and fluorescent-hued sneakers seem, well, kind of wrong? Sounds like you’re in need of a gym bag makeover. Just in time to take you into the new year and tackle all your fitness goals is a huge selection of aesthetically pleasing, impressively engineered gym bags. Long gone are the days of basic, bulky, uninspired bags. Today’s best gym bags are just as fashion-forward as the rest of your closet. Not only that, but they tout a whole array of tactical features to organize your loot and keep things fresh. Pick up one of these bad boys and you’ll be left with zero excuses to hit the gym in the morning.

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