8 Times Style Muse Yasmin Sewell Nailed Androgynous Dressing

When news broke of Yasmin Sewell’s fashion director gig at, we were excited to hear that the Aussie-born style muse would be helming the online fashion platform, especially because it gives us the opportunity to reminisce about her winning take on androgynous dressing.

From man-style blazers to boyfriend jeans and bowler hats, a masculine-inspired style has become Yasmin’s signature look, one we’ve grown to love since she kicked off her fashion career at 22.

What sets this London-based business woman’s style apart, though, is her ability to blend in feminine tones, textures and prints, with Yasmin showing off the perfect balance between femininity and masculinity in every get-up.

In fact, it makes us want to grab our blazer, or, better yet, steal our boyfriend’s, because the appeal is definitely here to stay.

Check out Yasmin’s most covetable, gender-irrelevant looks in the gallery above.