Lisa Clark On Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Shop Til You Drop Online

Lisa Clark

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You can not even begin to imagine some of the emails I receive daily. Requests for posts about strange products, requests for birthday shout outs, and I was even invited to a formal in far North Queensland a few months ago. So when an email popped in my inbox from my good friends at theFashionSpot Australia, I was pretty excited.

Especially when the subject heading was “MasterCard shop and blog” — you had me at shop! I was offered to “Shop Like A Zen Master”, which was a $500 MasterCard of my very own to shop at Anthropologie. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS WEBSITE? It has everything my heart desired —homewares, fashion, shoes, lingerie — I was in shopaholic heaven.

So I cruised the website over the course of an hour or so, I added things to my basket, (well, lots of things), I looked at the total, laughed, and then deleted them all.

Some of the items from the New Arrivals section of Anthropologie

Some of the items from the New Arrivals section of Anthropologie

My next shopping “trip” from the comfort of my own home, with my puppy cuddled up to me and a glass of red in hand, I decided that it was the night I would commit to spending my $500 voucher (LOVE you MasterCard — insert kiss emoji here).

I really thought about what I needed. I mean, I need a lot of things. I am that girl (aren’t we all?) where I stand in my wardrobe with clothes falling off hangers, no more room to hang anything, clothing double hung, yet I still have nothing to wear!

Finally, I decided on a pair of shoes I had been eyeing off for quite a while, another pair of flats, which I know I will live in, and, finally, a cute PJ set which I will pop under the Christmas tree. (Am I the only person that buys themselves presents to open on Christmas morning?) I placed everything in my basket and boom! Purchased!


Dolce Vita Brannon Smoking Loafers, Checkerboard Sleep Shorts Billy Ella Lace-Up Flats

The website was super easy to navigate and setting up an account was so easy! Plus, you too can also make use of this awesome deal because until November 30. You can shop using your MasterCard at Anthropologie and get free shipping to Oz on every order, big or small, and you’ll feel at peace with the world. Simply use the code: MCSHOP when you check out with your MasterCard.*

How simple is that!! Now all I have to do is wait for my package to arrive so I can unpack my goodies, I’ll share some images on my Instagram page so you can see what all the fuss is about. If you aren’t following me already, head to Instagram and follow my adventures here.

Until next time, shopaholics 😉 xx

* Free shipping not available on furniture purchases 

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