Lisa Clark’s 6 Favourite Blogs to Help You Take Charge of Your Life and Your Career



As more and more of us conduct our lives and our jobs attached to the computer, blogging has never been a bigger entity in our day-to-day existence. As part of our partnership with AustralianSuper, we’ve teamed up with one of Australia’s most prolific bloggers and industry personalities, Lisa Clark, to get the lowdown on all the blogs out there that inspire her to get out there and kick butt in her career. Get bookmarking people!


It truly has become the age of the blogger…and quite frankly I love it! Blogging has become an amazing medium for anyone from the fashionista to the budding entrepreneur trying to crack the business world. The power of the blogosphere is undeniable, regardless of the target audience, and can be a source of some seriously helpful info to keep your career on track

The beauty of a blog is that it allows anyone at any time to keep up to date with the most current trends and influential people in any given field of interest. I can know what’s trending in Manhattan or what the latest life hacks the Japanese are using in Tokyo all whilst sitting at home and punching out my latest article for work in my pyjamas, having a glass of Pinot (which was recommended from a blogger in the south of France).

Blogging has become so much more than just the average thought-dump of the stay at home mum or a wannabe foodie. It’s now a massive platform in which amateurs and professionals alike can showcase their knowledge, expertise, ideas and values through a network that is quickly engaging, highly focused and in tune with the bloggers expertise. Although they have existed since the mid-90s they have evolved into a critical piece of media for anyone wanting to advance themselves and as I’m about to show you, their careers.




TOMBOY beauty celebrates a less-is-more approach to beauty and by default, style. It’s a point of difference, it’s an attitude – fearless, progressive, innovative – and it goes against the grain. TOMBOY beauty girl has like 3 products in her beauty cabinet and will drop 4k on a St Laurent suit that she will wear with dirty converse a friend once left at her door.The TOMBOY beauty girl is really, really cool and personally inspires me, and hopefully anyone wanting to start out in the fashion and beauty industry. 

This blog has just launched and it has literally been my go to for access to all the latest beauty products and to read about a day in the life of some of my favourite bloggers. It motivates me to do more, see more and be more and should be a go-to for you as well!


“A personal diary of wanderlust and an overflowing wardrobe. Not all those who wander are lost.”

Tuulals travels make me yearn for my next holiday destination, she mixes her style with beautiful shoots in stunning locations. I can dream from my bed of one day (hopefully soon) blogging or video-making on a tropical island somewhere far away and it pushes me further to make it a reality.

To put it more plainly, Tululas blog motivates me to work hard so I can travel more. It also reminds me even in the craziest of days to make sure I at least see a sunrise, sunset or attend a Yoga class at my favourite gym. Tulula’s blog aesthetic also reminds me to take time to focus on myself as well as my career as sometimes the two go hand in hand. but not always.


ORACLE Fox blog.

Oracle Fox

Oracle fox is a premium fashion and style destination, with the Oracle Fox journal being the latest addition to the platform showing director Amanda Shadforth’s personal works as a photographer and leading stylist. It is the perfect destination for unique, professionally curated content and if you want to get involved specifically in the photography side of the industry, is a hands down must!

Oracle Fox makes me want to be a better creator of all things social. This is my muse whenever I have writers block or am unsure of how I should shoot something. Seriously, 10 minutes on this blog makes me recalibrate and the ideas begin to flow. This is utterly #careergoals.

Man Repeller

I am so obsessed with this blog, it covers fashion, comedy, culture and beauty and is my one stop shop for hilarious articles and life hacks. I can spend hours on this blog reading, learning and obsessing over the clever articles and gorgeous street style images.

This blog’s message is of not taking life to seriously, and reminding me to step back from it all every once and awhile. I get lost in the hundreds of articles that impact my feed every day and this blog confirms for me that people want to hear about many topics, and not just see shiny perfect images. It reminds me that the fine line between an Instagram life and real life is sometimes OK to be blurred, and gives me the strength to dive back in to my work.

Goop blog.

Goop blog.


The brain child of the gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow this blog covers everything that can be considered “lifestyle”. I can find awesome travel ideas, the hottest restaurants to visit and delicious recipes to try to recreate but more importantly for my career, there is a mindfulness tab which takes you into a world of self-discovery and self-analysis which is vital to staying sane out there! Plus there are affordable things to buy through the website that are always on trend which helps for my next fashion blog or instagram. She has nailed it with this blog!

I use this blog to stay on trend and make sure I’m across the what’s what of overseas travel, fashion and beauty. The message from this blog is always so concise and clear, and is one of the best blogs to immerse yourself in, in order to grow as a content creator.

Body & Soul

This blog is my go-to when I need motivation to hit the gym, feel like I need a cleanse or when I am just feeling a little flat after a marathon day at work. There are recipes, exercise ideas, nutrition advise and relationship advice all rolled into one blog and to be honest, I am in LOVE.

I use this blog daily, it really is my one-stop-shop for mind, body and soul (just like the heading says) and reminds me that it is important to work hard and give yourself to others through your content. On the flipside however, Body & Soul also helps you to keep in mind how equally important it is to take time out for yourself to do the things you love. 

If you’re just starting out in your career, a few right moves early on can help set you up for life. For more stories in our AustralianSuper KickStart series, click here or go to AustralianSuper.