16 Fashion Collections to Inspire Your Next Destination

When asked about the motivation behind their collections, designers often give nebulous explanations like “fluidity” or “strength.” That kind of subtlety is all well and good — you don’t always want the theme to hit you over the head. But when designers can take inspiration from a specific location and create work that gets us dreaming of travel, it’s pure fashion magic. If you’re planning on doing some globe-trotting, but don’t know which direction to point your compass, take a look at these 16 fashion collections inspired by locales near and far.

From traditional Liberian dress to Parisian street style, Rio’s Carnival color palettes to classic English tartan, these worldly styles from the latest fall, haute couture and resort collections are escapist fashion at its best. If a place can give rise to a fashion collection, a fashion collection can definitely send you on your adventure. Click through to see these jet set-approved designs guaranteed to add a few points to your bucket list and inspire your next destination.