6 Reasons to Shop Daya by Zendaya Right Now

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On Thursday, street style empress Zendaya finally expanded her fashionable yet affordable label, Daya by Zendaya, to include apparel as well as footwear. Because this is Z we’re talking about here, her debut collection features everything you could ever want — a quilted kimono top, a velvet green boiler suit, longline bomber jackets, cropped bomber jackets, a onesie tailored to look like a blazer, slyly slitted slip dresses…you get the idea. But we’re not just coveting the clothes because they have the aesthetic sensibilities of Zendaya and her BFF (slash stylist to the stars) Law Roach behind them (although you could sell us on those points alone). Below, six reasons why we’re shopping Daya by Zendaya, apart from, obviously, our love of dressing like Zendaya.

Every piece is under $158. True, most items hover between $58 and $98, but they’re steals nonetheless.

Unlike a lot of fast fashion items, you don’t need to dry clean to keep them intact. “Making sure we had quality, while also having the [low] price was hard, very hard to do — I didn’t want something that you would throw in the wash and it would be destroyed forever,” the #DGMillennial told Refinery29.

Everything is available in sizes 0 to 22. Like Khloé Kardashian before her, Zendaya is one of those celebrities who uses her pop culture clout to take a stand on inclusivity. “I didn’t want anyone to feel alienated, excluded, or feel like they weren’t a part of this,” Zendaya explained. “I want my mom to be able to wear my stuff. I want my older sister to be able to wear my stuff. I want thick women, tall women, skinny women to wear my stuff.” In the spirit of inclusion, curvy and straight-sized models alike pose on the Daya by Zendaya site.

The looks will endure. “One thing Law and I really hate are trends,” Zendaya told Vogue. “We just don’t believe in them, we don’t believe in what’s hot now because you can’t stay on top of all of the constant changes in fashion. It’s just impossible.” Zendaya aimed to create unconventional yet timeless pieces, and that she did.

It’s gender neutral. “That’s what fashion is about: wearing what the hell makes you feel comfortable and confident in yourself,” Zendaya related to Refinery29. “If you want to wear the dress, if you want to wear the dress with the hoodie, if you want to wear the dress with the hoodie with the dress on top — I don’t care, as long as you feel good.”

And on that note, Zendaya’s designs, just like anything hanging in your closet, can be worn however you damn well please. “Clothes are supposed to be emotional. There is no right or wrong, no singular style,” the 20-year-old actress, who began her career at 14, told Vogue. “I went through a phase as a teenager, and I think everyone does, when I actually gave a shit about what people thought. Ultimately I grew up and realized that was no fun.”

Click through the slideshow below to shop the full line of Daya by Zendaya apparel.