Trendspotting: 3-D Florals That Stand Out (Literally)

Virtual reality and 3-D technology are already well-established in the entertainment industry. Now, the fashion industry is not-so-slowly adopting the same cutting-edge tech in its eternal quest for something new and different. Designer Iris van Herpen has long been experimenting with 3-D printing and Tommy Hilfiger introduced virtual reality headsets to his stores to let shoppers experience the runway show. Even Sephora has a new version of its app that allows you to “try on” makeup virtually.

For spring, a different kind of 3-D trend is blossoming and you don’t need a fancy headset or goggles to enjoy it. Floral appliqués of every shape and size are popping up on skirts, bags, jackets and more. From hyperrealistic bouquets to the youthful charm of crochet flowers, these florals a real stand out (literally).