The Coolest Plus-Size Clothes to Wear This Winter, Courtesy of ASOS Curve

Women that wear a size 10 and up have far fewer shopping options than those below a size 8, and it sucks. It’s hard to browse Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, SSENSE and so forth’s long-awaited sales, all the while consciously avoiding eye contact with half the pieces out of fear that you’ll fall madly in love, then be heartbroken when the drop-down menu doesn’t reveal your size.

Sure, the clothing market for curvy women is finally growing and diversifying, but it’s not yet up to snuff. New kids on the plus-size clothing block (like Coverstory, Universal Standard and Nike) are doing their darndest to even the playing field, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

That said, women do have their clothing sanctuaries for trendy plus-size clothing, including fast-fashion spot ASOS, one of the first mass retailers to enter the curve market. Though the site specializes in trend-savvy fashions, its substantial Curve section is anything but one-note. Some pieces are modern and minimalist, others boho and ruffled, others sporty and 90s-leaning. Plus, to augment its sprawling in-house line, the brand seeks out and stocks other like-minded brands producing cool plus-size clothes. (To wit: it’s the exclusive carrier for Puma’s recently launched Puma Plus line.)

All this to say, hooray for brands that acknowledge and celebrate plus-size women’s existence. Particularly ASOS Curve. And because it’s peak shopping season and no woman should feel left out or less than because of her size, we went ahead and rounded up 25 of the best plus-size pieces for winter, all sourced from the site we spent the last paragraph fangirling over. (After years of passionate service to the plus-size community, they deserve a little extra attention/traffic/earnings, wouldn’t you say?) Check out the trendy plus-size clothing picks in the gallery above.

**Note: This is not #sponcon; we’re simply giving credit where credit is due.

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