Watches Are Set to Become the Arm Candy of 2018

#EJ200SERIES Spotlight: @nadiaazmy in WHITE/SILVER

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In a world where we tell time by our cell phones, watches have become almost obsolete. Almost. Elizabeth and James just breathed new life into the arena with the release of its throwback digital watch. Available in several colors, the piece’s mirror mineral crystal face is pretty eye-catching, as is the somehow still futuristic red LED display that gives you the time and date with just the push of a button.

Sure, the Apple Watch and fitness trackers created mini stirs when they debuted, but we’re talking about watches that are high on function and especially fashion. And there are tons of different styles to choose from. Like metallic watches that rival your best statement jewelry, architectural faces that favor the minimalists among us and even watches that will make you hit refresh on your ability to tell time.

Start 2018 off right (and on time) with one of these 14 best watches for women that are fashion girl-approved.

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