For me there’s always been something a little off-putting about the charity bag.  I say bag but, in reality, the item in question could be a t-shirt, pair of shoes, or, for that matter, any other random article of clothing whose partial proceeds go to aid organizations.  My underlying concern has revolved around the fact that while it may be laudable to donate to a cause, it would perhaps be even more impressive to make a contribution directly to a charity and not feel the need to obtain a ‘gift’ in exchange.  Having said that, any donation is one to be thankful for, especially when it goes towards a truly worthy cause like the survivors of the recent earthquake in Haiti.

Falling under this heading of “a little something for you, a little something for me” is the RIGHTS necklace from the designers behind b-side, Ken Leung and Dana Chin.  The simple silver bar features the text “PUB.L. 89-236”; a reference to the 236th Public Law enacted by the 89th Congress of the United States which abolished the national-origin quotas resulting in new immigration from non-European nations.  According to the designers, living in New York is a daily reminder to them of being an immigrant; they say, "in a sense we are all Haitian’s right now".  The RIGHTS necklace can be yours for $60, with $30 from each sale being donated to the Red Cross. 

Get the RIGHTS necklace here.