I’m often made to wonder if American monthlies think before they speak, er – go to press.  Although I could very well chuck the feckless Glamour into the waste bin each month (my Domino subscription folded into it), I find myself compelled to revisit the Men, Love & Life column.  Michael, 35 and from Chicago, loves to watch his girlfriend get dressed in the morning, but thinks “beige underwear is gross.” 



Slightly offended as I take notice of the new Marie Jo bra I am wearing (can’t we call it nude?), I flip to the back of the magazine. 

And there, beheld in front of me, is a beautiful brunette clad in a beige bra. 

I turn back a page, and there she is lying in bed with a beige cardigan.  “The next time you and your guy are just hanging out at home together,” the headline reads, try these undeniably sexy beauty ideas.” 

I think of Michael from Chicago, who says, “there’s nothing better than watching your girlfriend get dressed for the day” – unless it entails looking at her beige underwear – and think he’d probably crack both eyes open if his girlfriend looked anything like the voluptuous woman in the magazine.