This is just great. A perfect, winter suit: it’s gray, but the zigzags still catch the eye; the fabric is thick enough to be warm, but finely-woven enough to avoid looking bulky. The blue shirt is a nice switch. You could wear this anywhere.

This guy looks a bit like Ted Kennedy, in a coat and hat you could imagine him wearing on the Cape in winter. Turned-up collars on top coats pretty much always look cool.

Ditto. I want this coat. I imagine a lot of women want the guy in it.

I really love to roll up the sleeves of my jackets – something that’s become possible without tailoring in the past few years, as designers have been making jackets with sleeve buttons that actually work.

Sometimes I don’t understand Europeans at all. Is that a watch chain he’s wearing for a belt? Is he wearing a plaid coat over a plaid shirt? Are his gloves supposed to match the scarf? Is the scarf supposed to match the car? Is it just a coincidence that the placecard on the windshield matches it?