39 Trans-Seasonal Pieces to Wear Between Summer and Fall

It’s that time of year again when we start the slow transition into fall. While it’s too warm to pull out our heavy coats and bulky sweaters, it’ll also soon be too chilly to sport baby tees and cutoffs day after day. So rather than spending our money on summer staples at this point in the year, our best bet is to pick up pieces that will seamlessly take us into fall. Think short-sleeve turtlenecks, midi skirts and socks that can slip into sandals or booties.

But getting through the in-between season takes a little bit of planning. You want to look for pieces that offer some flexibility. Items that have a touch of ventilation in the form of cut-outs or cropped hems that can be layered later on are a good jumping off point. And you need to start thinking about sweaters, sweatshirts and lightweight jackets. (Cardis and hoodies are awesome options this time of year.) You don’t need to jump from sandals to boots — look for footwear that covers your toes, but not your whole foot.

Since we’re always here to help, we’ve put together a cheat sheet on the practical pieces to carry you over the hump. Here are 39 must-have picks to help you survive the (non)season.

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