At the moment, it seems like everyone is either penny pinching or, at the very least, keeping a close eye on their credit cards to make sure they don’t run amok.  At such a time, the beauty freebie should be welcomed with open arms.  Especially when it involves friends, a party, and the sort of skin care whose purchase usually eats into a hearty chunk of your paycheck.

Enter Dr. Hauschka’s Radiant You movement that allows you and your nearest and dearest to have a spa party…for free.  You provide the friends, some bowls of warm water, a few face cloths, and towels.  The good doctor gives every attendee a Radiant You Set containing travel sizes of Lavender Bath, Cleansing Cream and Facial or Clarifying Toner and, providing you send in a short (we’re talking a minimum of 30 seconds here) video of you and your friends cleansing and rejuvenating your skin, every single kit is provided to you without one single, solitary penny leaving your wallet.

Just think, even if the products themselves fail to provide the radiant glow you’re longing for, the inner peace that comes from not having maxed out your credit card should do the trick. 

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