How to Make the Bike Shorts Trend Look Chic

Despite piggybacking on the athleisure hype, bike shorts are enjoying an independent hour of significance in global fashion. They’re the perfect off-duty wear, yet you can pair them with an oversized blazer for work, according to celebs like Kim Kardashian, who sported them in Japan, and brands like Fendi and Chanel, which featured them on the runways this season. It’s official: The bike shorts trend is taking fashion by storm.

It’s easy to love bike shorts as high fashion — they’re a comeback that is far more comfortable than past trends like low-rise jeans, tying with dad sneakers for most low-maintenance article of clothing. But can a piece that so easily transitions to spin class also pass for happy hour-appropriate wear?

The runway says yes — and we’ve got the proof. Here are examples of the chicest ways to wear bike shorts this season.

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