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These Are the Top 10 Beauty and Fashion Trends for 2019, According to Pinterest

Pinterest 100 2019

Image: Pinterest

Over 250 million people use Pinterest for everything from planning weddings and home decor projects to outfit inspiration and beauty trends — all while providing the platform with valuable insight into consumer interest and trends. If a topic is searched repeatedly for more than six months, it’s likely to become a trend. Here are Pinterest’s predictions for the top 10 trends in beauty and fashion for the coming year.

Top 10 fashion trends 2019, according to Pinterest

Top 10 fashion trends 2019, according to Pinterest; Image: Pinterest

Women’s style: Patterns of sustainability

  1. That bamboo you do: Stay connected to nature by carrying all the essentials in a striking, structured handbag. (Searches for bamboo bags +2215%)
  2. Say it with sneakers: Finally, feet get the starring role they deserve, supported by kickin’ colors and lit laces. (Searches for statement sneakers +2211%)
  3. Just kente get enough: From dashikis to cocktail dresses, African wax prints and kitenges look stunning on every continent. (Searches for african print fashion +229%)
  4. Ruche hour: Flatteringly gathered gowns, pants and coats are sending ripples through the style world in 2019. (Searches for rouche +108%)
  5. Wrap stars: Cozy, chic robe silhouettes mean never having to choose between comfort and style again. (Searches for robe silhouettes +689%)
  6. Second skin: Step aside, leopard print! Snake skin prints just slithered into the lead (and tights and skirts and…). (Searches for snake print +642%)
  7. Mod squad: People are going from zero to incognito in an instant with beautifully blocky oval sunglasses. (Searches for oval sunglasses +591%)
  8. Up your shell game: Hares beware: slow and steady wins the race with these versatile, sophisticated tortoise earrings. (Searches for tortoise earrings +679%)
  9. Slay in your lane: People are riding high on bike shorts, for everything from workout wear to statement wear. (Searches for biker shorts +1323%)
  10. Ethical threads: Rentable looks and recycled materials make for world-stopping looks that don’t punish the planet. (Searches for sustainable fashion +34%)
Top 10 beauty trends 2019, according to Pinterest

Top 10 beauty trends 2019, according to Pinterest; Image: Pinterest

Beauty: Standout shine

  1. Big bang theory: The next big thing in fringes? Baby bangs. In 2019, the just-above-brow crop is making the cut. (Searches for cropped bangs +51%)
  2. The next exfoliant: People are lathering up with gentle liquid exfoliators for brighter, smoother skin. (Searches for liquid exfoliator +58%)
  3. Hooray for gray: People are growing out their natural grey hair and letting that silver shine through. (Searches for going gray +879%)
  4. The standout pout: Smart mouths everywhere are pairing barely there makeup with a bold red kisser for added attention. (Searches for standout lip color +467%)
  5. Just like magic: It may sound like sorcery, but old-school witch hazel is gaining popularity as a skincare solution. (Searches for witch hazel +305%)
  6. Lilac locks: Prepare to see lots of lilac in 2019—this pretty pastel hair color trend is growing fast. (Searches for lilac hair +1077%)
  7. Go glossy: Gloss is helping make people’s best features shine—from lips to lids. (Searches for glossy makeup +89%)
  8. Dip in: Wave goodbye to chipped nails! Powder dipping lasts longer than traditional gels, and is way easier to remove. (Searches for powder dip nails +442%)
  9. Ooh-la-lashes: People are giving their lashes a lift with natural solutions—think castor oil, grapeseed oil and aloe vera. (Searches for natural lash lifts +52%)
  10. Almond joy: Here’s a nutty new manicure trend: almond nails, named for the rounded shape of the nut. (Searches for almond nails +97%)

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