Name: Jessica Li

Blog: The Voguette

Age: 20

Location: I go to school in Michigan, my parents live in Shanghai, and I’m currently studying abroad in Paris.

Occupation: Economics & Art History Student


When did you first start your blog? How has it changed since then?

I started my blog two summers ago when I first discovered the fashion blog-o-sphere. I found fashion blogs incredibly inspiring, and I hope that I can influence someone out there to try something new! The Voguette began as a simple record of my daily outfits, but now it’s evolved into a collection of my favorite editorials, trends, music, as well as runway looks.

What fashion sites do you read daily?

The Cut, Refinery 29, Fashion Indie, and of course TFS!

How would you describe your personal style?

It’s hard to pinpoint my personal style because it’s always evolving, I never know how to describe it. I love to mix tailored structured pieces with flowy shapless numbers.

Who are your favorite labels and designers?

Oh man… I would have to say Hussein Chalayan, Rodarte, Ann Demeulemeester, and Dries Van Noten.

What would you never leave your house without?

Nail polish & an armful of bracelets.

Where do you want to doing in five years?

This is a hard question! I’m all set to graduate in December, and then….  I have no clue! I would love to do marketing for a fashion label, or work for an ad agency. One thing is for sure – I’ll be living in Manhattan.