Name: Megan Stewart

Blog: AnotherDayToDressUp

Age: 23

Location: Newport Beach, CA

Occupation: Retail Manager


When did you first start your blog? How has it changed since then?

I started my blog in winter 2009, and originally wanted to concentrate on all aspects of the fashion industry, including runway, editorials, and inspiration, but it organically changed into a blog, which is basically my daily clothing diary. On occasion I will post some of my inspirations, but that is no longer my focus. I feel like posting my outfits allows my readers to gather inspiration and see something that they can not see anywhere else, because it all comes from me.

How would you describe your individual blog posts, and how would you describe your blog as whole?

Most of my posts are snapshots of my outfit every morning before I rush to work. As a whole, I would describe it as a clothing calendar, a new outfit for every day the year.


What fashion sites and blogs do you read daily?

I have over 50 blogs on my blogroll, and try to read each daily. Although I have been adding more and more to my list, so it is getting increasingly difficult to keep up. As far as websites,,, and are my daily reads.

How would you describe your personal style?

Modern Vintage.


Who are your favorite labels and designers?

My absolutely favorite label is Chloe.  Even with the changing of designers it has managed to keep the same classic aesthetic from season to season. Some of my other favorites are Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, MIU MIU, and Chanel.


What would you never leave your house without?

My purse, It’s basically like carrying around a small piece of luggage. I could probably survive for a week with just the contents of my purse!


Where do you want to doing in five years?

I would love to own a vintage clothing store and be able to travel to do my buying. Other than that, happiness is always at the top of my list.