When I hear the words patchwork and fashion used in the same sentence, I cringe. It conjures up imagery of patchwork pieces used to disguise holes in worker’s jeans, or piecing together re-used fabrics to creating unflattering garments. Sometimes a patchwork look should just stay on your grandmother’s quilt.


However, give a talented designer a challenge, and they just might change our perspectives. Patchwork is a hot trend for Fall 2010, but these aren’t the typical designs we are used to. The use of textures and edgy print placement give new meaning to the term, and patchwork has definitely evolved into a high-end look. Perhaps I’ll have to give this vintage art a new go.

Subtle metalics and neutral tones paired together in geometric shapes show of this modern mini patchwork dress by DKNY.

Yigal Azrouel pairs a slouchy leather pant with an oversized, knit, patchwork sweater, and matching scarf.

Rag and Bone is edgy in grey stripes and a black sweater dress with scattered patchwork for a modern take.

Ethereal in patchwork layers of knit? Rodarte know how to take trends to new levels in this mismatched printed look with a ghostlike intent.

I had to see it to believe it, but I think I may be a new fan of a vintage trend I once detested. I wonder what designers would do if I gave them a jean jacket and a bedazzler?