We love those Herve Leger skintight dresses, but if you are larger than a size 2, they are hard to pull off. Heavy beaded tops cut down to the midriff are sexy and glamorous, but these are troubled economic times. A mink coat and beaded dress in Swarovski crystals just aren’t appropriate.

Designers are taking a conservative approach to elegant glamour and opting for more reserved choices in patterns and fabrics for Fall 2010. Tailoring and clean lines are emphasized while solid fabrics are sans gaudy embellishments. The focus is on the cuts, the absence of colors, and the simplistic beauty. There’s no hiding behind a flashy fabric or oversized appliqué. This is the trend is where design matters.

A monochromatic grey in contrasting textures shows off a Max Azria shoulder padded blouse and ankle slacks with matching platforms.

Pretty in Preen, this white turtleneck and matching skirt are trimmed with an oversized metallic belt and matching choker.

Geometric cut outs in a black and white blouse and skinny pants in khaki are long and lean for this chic glamour girl.

Mizrahi creates a beautiful look for a lady with impeccable taste with a metallic column skirt, grey feather vest, and conservative blazer.

Marc Jacobs is gorgeous in a neutral, tailored coat and tea-length circle skirt in soft, tan tones.

Chic cuts, soft colors, and a play with textures are the key to keeping these glamorous looks sexy without all the extras.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.