STYLE URLS: Scour the Fashion World is a brand-new fashion aggregator that pulls together the top fashion stories from all over the web. tFS had the opportunity to chat with the site's creator, Carlos Mortera.

Q: What's the idea behind

A:  The idea behind was to bring together the top fashion blogs, magazines, pictures, and videos all on one page. Since there are so many sources on the internet with fresh and relevant content, it would be almost impossible to actually go on each site on a daily basis. So we wanted to make it easy and fun for anyone/everyone to scour the fashion world with just a scroll of the mouse.

Q: When did you guys launch?

A: was launched in beta Feb. 2, 2010. We are relatively new, but we're starting to make big waves.

Q:  Could you tell me a little bit about your background?

A:  Ever since I can remember, I've always been a fashion addict. As a young boy (3rd or 4th grade) I always had to have the name brand clothes and the hottest kicks, which at that time were Air Jordan's, Nike, and Reebok pumps. My first real job was as a graphic designer for an urban clothing line in Los Angeles, and I quickly realized that this was my calling. I also became a fan of web design and developing internet companies (web-trepreneur). After working with 2-3 more clothing lines, I was offered a position as Creative Director for an internet shopping site. I found that fashion news on the internet was a clutter, and it needed some breathing room. Soon after, was born to clear the air and make the user experience hassle free.

Q:  Some sites are featured more prominently than others. How did you make those decisions?

A:  Lots of time and effort were put into selecting the sites featured on We took into account each site's popularity/traffic, design, content and how often it's updated. At the same time, there are hundreds of micro fashion sites that are relevant and informative, so we decided to include these sites as well. The list is still growing!

Q:  Who reads the site? Do you pay a lot of attention to visitor feedback?

A:  Our demographics are mainly women 18-34, but the men are starting to make some noise. Whether you're an editor, blogger, fashionista, or shopper, looks to accommodate to everyone's likings. We are very connected to our audience, and take into consideration all feedback that is given.

Q:  How do you see the site changing and expanding?

A:  The site is currently in beta and going through tweaks and changes on a constant basis. There are some big things going on behind the scenes, and I'm pretty certain that Style Urls and it's network are here to stay for a long, long time.

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