15 New Takes on the Classic Trench Coat

The not-so-classic trench.

The classic trench coat gets a plaid upgrade; Image: Imaxtree

The definition of a trench coat is not 50 shades of beige yet that is how we most often define it. Beige might be the biggest color of the season, but there’s no need to limit trenches to one specific color — or pattern, style or fabric. There is a vast array of unique coats just waiting to be slipped on. Some are more practical in terms of protecting against spring showers than others, but all are guaranteed to make a statement.

Clear vinyl, plaid, sleeveless, flowing, oversized — pretty much anything goes. As long as the style is lightweight and features a few classic elements, it still counts as a trench coat. The bolder trenches are still versatile and reinvigorate wardrobes, even on cloudy days.

Colorful trenches are trending.

A colorful take on the classic silhouette; Image: Imaxtree

Ahead, shop 15 trench coats that go beyond basic beige.