10 Heeled Thong Sandals to Keep Up With the Kardashian-Jenners

In case you haven’t been keeping tabs on them, the Kardashian-Jenners have been going about their luxe lives as they typically do. Only these days they’re doing so in heeled thong sandals. First, Kim Kardashian stepped out in Los Angeles in nude PVC Yeezy heels. Then Kendall Jenner brought a pair along on her vacation.

It appears the days of single-strap pumps are over and in their place come an array of old-school heeled thong sandals. While these shoes initially scream 90s, here in 2019 they’re actually totally trendy, especially when paired with minimalist ensembles.

Test the trend for yourself by scooping up a pair of thongs in the slides above. But we won’t blame you if you decide to buy a few.