One-Shoulder Sports Bras Are the Latest Fitness Fashion Craze

As more and more people rock athleisure gear in the gym and on the streets, we continue to see new runway-inspired trends emerge in the fitness fashion space. We’ve already covered denim, onesies, neon and leopard and now one-shoulder sports bras, much like your go-to going-out top, are back in style.

While this trend isn’t really practical for anyone requiring support up top or partaking in high-impact activities, the one-shoulder sports bra is a surprisingly comfortable silhouette. Many of the popular styles also feature other trends, namely tie-dye and cut-outs. It’s worth noting that while one-shoulder sports bras are leading the way at the moment, tri-strap bras, like the omnipresent Alo Yoga Peak Bra, are also proving popular.

Here are the top one-shoulder sports bras to add a little style to your workout routine.